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As Serious as a Hiccup

As Serious as a Hiccup

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Author: Nicole Della Costa




As Serious as a Hiccup is the book version of artist and writer Nicole Della Costa’s journal; a journal in which she herself, as well as other friends and writers, jot and mark the musings of the day. Della Costa, a Brazilian native currently living and working in New York City, NY, occupies a social milieu that intersects art, film, writing and music, resulting in a dynamic and generous impression on the moments that makeup the day, evident in contributions by Sonny Hall, Jonah Freud, Adrian Schachter, John Eatherly, Bella Newman and Umman Turkoglu. An intimacy excavator, collaboration is at the heart of Della Costa’s practice, inviting fellow writers, friends and strangers to transcribe their poetry into her journal. Alike the scanned fragments of writing on napkins, pictorial ephemera included in the text, the collaborators' own writing impacts Nicole’s experience, as her writing impacts theirs.

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