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First the Transition, Then the Crash

First the Transition, Then the Crash

SKU: 9780745331157

Author: Gareth Dale


The 1989-91 upheavals in Eastern Europe sparked a tremendous acceleration of change. With the reverberations throughout the region of the global crisis of 2008-10, a new phase has begun. This volume identifies and explores its major features. The book focuses on the relationships between geopolitics, the world economy, and class restructuring. The authors, from Eastern and Western Europe, have been shaping scholarly debate about Eastern Europe’s entry into the global political economy. Together, their contributions show us a world far away from the simple neoliberal conceit of creaking communist economies witnessing rapid transitions to efficient markets and political liberty. Neoliberal interpretations of the global crash are also challenged. With chapters covering the Balkans, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine, this is a thorough and complete survey of the brutal reality of capitalism for Eastern Europe.

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