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Vulgar Errors / Feral Subjects

Vulgar Errors / Feral Subjects

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"what should i tell you? that feral will not enrich you. that feral will not be mastered. feral is 'wild' without utility. it offers nothing, and it asks for nothing in return."

In this uncompromising collection of lyric essays, T.S. Eliot Prize-shortlisted poet Fran Lock pulls us with her into the vortex of the 'feral'. From medieval bestiaries to Poundland, Edmund Spenser to X-Ray Spex, in Vulgar Errors / Feral Subjects Lock explores and eviscerates historical and cultural links between animality and otherness in contexts ranging across class, gender, queerness and Irishness. Overflowing with 'strange rigour' and a rage that is 'tempering hope' Lock excavates the ways feral is at once both trap and means of liberation.

'Fran Lock is our savvy sc/avenging angel, undoing the curse of racial capitalism's stranglehold on language and meaning. Mattering out of place, Vulgar Errors / Feral Subjects is endlessly errant, reminding us that writing is "a verb, not a noun," immersive, propulsive and absolutely extra. Every line is so alive, so completely itself, it leaps from the page to flare bright & huge as graffiti on every wall until they fall.' - So Mayer