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Save The Common Press

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Dear Supporters of The Common Press,


The Common Press is becoming a CIC (Community Interest Company), and we need your help to make this happen! Without the support of our community, we risk closing down completely.

After three years of collaborating with our current investors, we are parting ways. This leaves us completely unfunded and in need of community support to help us transition to the next stage of our journey as a CIC.

The Common Press is a vital intersectional bookshop and events space for the queer community in London, providing an essential third space that doesn’t focus solely on alcohol.


Led by BIPOC, trans, non-binary folks, and queer women, we prioritise queer authors, Queer Black & POC writers, non-binary and trans voices, underrepresented creatives, and young LGBTQI+ people. We have been ranked as one of London’s top 10 independent bookshops by The Bookseller for featuring titles on trans-inclusive feminism, anti-colonialism, anti-fascism, ecopolitics, and self-care.


To keep our space alive, we are launching a crowd funder in the next few weeks.


n the meantime, If you want to support us as an investor, media partner, volunteer, or by pledging early. Please fill out the interest form HERE.


Long live queer spaces 


With love and pride,
The Common Press Team 💛

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