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 Common Counter 

 Bar and Restaurant 


Here's everything you need to know:

  • What will happen with events?

    The Commons will remain open for events and bookings as usual. Book here.


  • What will happen to The Common Press?

    The Common Press will remain open for our community, and will become the main entrance for the site.


  • What will become of Glass House Projects? 

    The entire site will operate under the name The Common Press.


  • Will there be alcohol provision in the rest of the site?

    The Common Press will continue to be a sober space. Keep an eye on your favourite collaborators’ event pages for info about libations. For events, please get in touch with our Events team to discuss options for your booking.


  • Will the toilets in Common Counter remain accessible?

    The toilets downstairs will be the main toilets for The Common Press, however the accessible toilet will remain available for those who need it. 


  • Will your toilets remain gender neutral? 

    Yes, all toilets at The Common Press will remain gender neutral.


  • What will become of the Common Counter space?

    The Common Press looks forward to welcoming a new food focused neighbour to Brick Lane.


Common Counter is closing on the 26th of February.

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Our Drinks

Expert cocktails, mocktails, beer, lager, wine, and coffee.


Upcoming Events

DJs, divas, and drag; something's always happening.

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