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Terms and Conditions for Event Organisers

Thank you for coordinating an event with The Common Press! We're thrilled about our collaboration and the opportunity to bring your vision to life. Hosting an event or session at The Common Press is always a joy for both attendees and organizers. The safety and security of our staff and customers are our top priorities, and by hosting an event with us, you agree to the following terms, conditions, and cancellation policy.


By hosting an event, session, workshop, or movement class at The Common Press, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


Organizer Responsibilities


In advance of my event, I agree and confirm:


  • I will arrive at least 1 hour (recommended) or 30 minutes before my event start times to do any setup required. 

  • I understand it is my responsibility to provide the number of guests attending the event at least 48 hours in advance and provide any tech or setup requirements no later than 72 hours before my event. If I fail to provide relevant information or details in advance I understand that whilst staff will try to accommodate changes, it is not guaranteed that changes will be made on the day.

  • I understand that running my event on the day is my responsibility and staff members are only able to assist with book sales, providing beverages, and assisting with basic tech support as I understand they are not sound technicians. For live music events, cabaret, and any event with performers, I will pay for a sound technician (agreed by staff) or have people available to support the night. 

  • I am responsible for checking and welcoming my guests as well as starting and ending my event or session on time.  

  •  Myself and all other external organizers associated with my event will treat both the staff and customers of The Common Press with respect and courtesy.

  •  Myself and all other external organizers associated with my event will treat the premises with appropriate care and will not damage the premises or its equipment. Any necessary tech support will be provided by a member of the staff.

  •  I will pay the agreed hire fee + VAT at least 1 week before my event or session unless a prior agreement has been made with the management team. If you require a longer payment date, please inform us.


Prohibited Items


I understand that the following items are prohibited throughout The Common Press, and I will not bring them onto the site:

  1. Open flames, candles, and incense sticks.

  2.  Fog machines, misters, or any equipment with the potential to trigger standard fire alarms.

  3.  Recreational drugs.

  4. Blades and other items that could be used as offensive weapons.

  5. Alcohol unless agreed upon by prior arrangement with the management.


Equipment and Liability


I guarantee that any electrical equipment brought onto the premises is safe to use, and The Common Press will not be held liable for unsafe equipment. I understand that if the terms of this agreement are broken, my event may be canceled, and event organizers asked to leave. I will still be required to pay any agreed hire fees or similar. I also understand that I may be liable for the cost of repairs if any damages occur as a result of my event.


Cleanliness / Tidying up 


As the organizer, I will not leave the premises in an unclean or messy condition. I will take away and remove all the items I brought in and I will dispose of rubbish in the bins provided. The Common Press is not liable for any property left on-site or unattended.  I understand that if any part of the site is left in an inappropriate condition, this will be documented, and there will be a cleaning charge of at least £100.




My guests and I will pay attention to any communication from staff during my event and will respond appropriately. In the unlikely event of an emergency, my guests and I will follow staff instructions and evacuate the premises according to their directions.


Time Management


I understand that events are booked in allocated hourly slots, and if my event overruns, this can impact other customers. If I anticipate my event will overrun, I will find a member of staff and check whether this can be accommodated. If I fail to do this, The Common Press will charge a late fee of 1.5x the hourly rate for each hour my event runs over. I further understand that The Common Press closes at 10 pm unless otherwise stated, and if my event goes past 10 pm, The Common Press will add a non-negotiable fee of £20 for every 10 minutes added to my booking.


Marketing and Media Use

I understand that it is my responsibility to provide any event poster and ticket links to The Common Press to assist with social media promotion as soon as possible and no later than 10 days before my event. I am aware The Common Press is not responsible for marketing by event, and I will tag the relevant social media channels for reposts. I understand it is not guaranteed that my event will be shared on the grid. I am aware that The Common Press may take photographs or videos of the event happening, and these may be used on social media to promote the event and the venue. I agree that if I do not want the use of any media, I will confirm in writing. I will also notify The Common Press team if any guests do not want their photos or videos taken.


Cancellation and Rescheduling Policies


I acknowledge that if I cancel my event within 7 days of its planned date, there will be no refund, but alternative dates to reschedule within 6 months will be offered. I will have to pay the hire fee for canceling if I do not want to reschedule the event.


I confirm that i have read and understand all the terms and conditions above and by also booking an event or session at The Common Press i have agreed to the terms.

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