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Terms and Conditions for Event Organisers

Thank you for organising an event with The Common Press! We’re excited to be working together and to be able to help to bring your vision to life.

At The Common Press the safety and security of our staff and customers is paramount, and therefore we ask all events organisers to agree to the following terms and conditions prior to their event. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us here.

Contact Information

Please provide the contact details for the primary organiser of your event. This is the person we will contact in the event of any issues that may affect the event.

I can confirm:


  1. That myself, and all other external organisers associated with my event, will treat both the staff and customers of The Common Press with respect and courtesy.

  2. That myself, and all other external organisers associated with my event, will treat the premises with appropriate care, and not damage the premises or its equipment.

I will not leave the premises in an unclean or messy condition. I understand that whilst the staff of The Common Press can assist with setting up and tidying after events, they should not have to remain on site cleaning long after the venue has closed. I understand that if I leave any part of the site in an inappropriate condition, this will be documented and I may be charged for cleaning.

Me and my guests will pay attention to any communication from staff during my event and will respond appropriately. In the unlikely event of an emergency, me and my guests will follow staff instructions and evacuate the premises according to their directions.

I understand that events are booked in in allotted hourly slots, and that if my event overruns this can impact other customers. If I think my event is going to overrun, I will find a member of staff and check whether this can be accommodated. I understand that if I fail to do this The Common Press will charge a late fee of 1.5x the hourly rate for each hour my event runs over. I further understand that The Common Press closes at 10pm unless otherwise stated, and that if my event goes past 10pm The Common Press will add an additional and non-negotiable fee of £100 to my booking.

I acknowledge that if I cancel my event within 7 days of its planned date, I will have to pay any relevant hire fee unless a member of The Common Press' management has agreed to waive it and provided confirmation in writing.

I understand that the following items are prohibited throughout The Common Press, and I will not bring them onto the site:


  1. Open flames, candles, and incense sticks.

  2. Fog machines, misters, or any equipment with the potential to trigger standard fire alarms.

  3. Recreational drugs

  4. Blades and other items which could be used as offensive weapons.

  5. Alcohol, unless agreed by prior arrangement with the management. 

Finally, I understand that if I break any of the above terms my event may be cancelled, and if this happens during my event myself and my guests will be asked to leave. I understand that The Common Press will still have the right to invoice for any hire fees if my event is cancelled due to me breaking any of these terms.

Thank you

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