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All the Words Unspoken

All the Words Unspoken

SKU: 9781913062125

Author: Serena Kaur


"Things are not going well for Maansi Cavale, until a chance meeting at an Indian wedding party changes everything and to her own surprise she agrees to an arranged marriage. As they settle into married life Aryan remains a mystery to Maansi: some days warm and loving, others cold and distant, and when she secures a job at a local publishing house she is relieved to leave the tension of home behind her. At work she befriends Logan, a warm-hearted man who she can't help but compare to Aryan and his cool contempt for her. When Aryan meets Logan, his reaction is out of all proportion and Maansi starts to realize that the man she has married is even further from what he seems. Can she salvage their marriage or must she set him free? All the Words Unspoken is a love story that challenges our preconceptions of relationships and shows us that the choices we make have implications and ramifications far beyond the horizon we can see."--Amazon

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