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Anything That Moves

Anything That Moves

SKU: 9781913505585

Author: Jamie Stewart


From being caught having their first orgasm by their mom'sbest friend to being stalked and propositioned by a fundamentalist pastor; fromsoliciting spanking dates over the Internet to scoring a coveted invitation toa threesome with some elf fetishist neighbors, art rock darling (Xiu Xiu)Jamie Stewart's journey of fleshyself-discovery and queer awakening makes for an extraordinary, cringy,unputdownable epic in miniature, burning always with radical and often shockingself-criticism. A one-of-a-kind exploration of abasement, depravity, joy,and embarrassment (and even joy in embarrassment),Anything That Moves is a series ofcomic, tragic X-rays of sex. It is funny, erotic, anti-erotic, honest, brave,icky, and hauntingly sad by turns. It demonstrates too how love and forgivenesscan percolate around the edges of even the most traumatic relationships. Stewart's band Xiu Xiu has been called "self-flagellating,""brutal," "shocking," and "perverse," but also "genius," "brilliant," "unique,""imaginative," and "luminous." Readers can expect nothing less from Anything That Moves.

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