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Author: Hannah Kent


FROM THE MULTI-AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR OF BURIAL RITESGrowing up in the village of Kay in Prussia, 1836, Hanne Nussbaum would rather run wild in the forest thanconform to the limitations of womanhood. Hanne is friendless and misunderstood ... until she meets Thea.When Hanne and her family are forced to flee religious persecution, they board a crowded, disease-riddled shipbound for the colony of South Australia. In the face of brutal hardship, the beauty of whale song enters Hanne's heart, along with the miracle of her love for Thea. Theirs is a bond that nothing can break.The whale passed. The music faded.Praise for Devotion'A glorious, heartbreaking love story of infinite beauty' HEATHER ROSE'A tale of love that sustains and love that ruins' SYDNEY MORNING HERALD'Kent tells her heroine's burgeoning love story beautifully' THE TIMES'Searing, lyrical' THE SATURDAY PAPER

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