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The Year of Chaos

The Year of Chaos

SKU: 9781838951245

Author: Malachi O'Doherty


In the 11 months between August 1971 and July 1972, Northern Ireland experienced its worst year of violence on record. The 'year of chaos' came between of two major military operations, namely the introduction of internment of IRA suspects, without trial, and Operation Motorman, the invasion of barricaded no-go areas in Belfast and Derry. During this whole period, Malachi O'Doherty was a cub reporter in Belfast, working in the city, covering the violence, returning home at night to a no-go area behind the barricades where the streets were patrolled by armed IRA men. O'Doherty takes readers on a journey, at this time of crucial change, through the events of that terrible year, which he argues should be a reminder that political and military miscalculation can lead to civil war and that there is no more urgent need for creative political thinking than now, in the new instability created by demographic change, one hundred years after the partition of Ireland.

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